• Why should we choose a professional wedding photographer?

    You should choose a professional wedding photographer because you want a wedding photographer who sees the small details. And because you want a wedding photographer who can guide you and your wedding guests to natural images that capture the emotions and mood - without you noticing it. You spend a lot of time in the planning and in the details. All this must of course be remembered in beautiful pictures - even when the day is over.

  • We want natural, modern and romantic wedding images.

    Perfect - that's my goal! You will shine on your wedding day. You have to be yourself and that is the feeling you have to have in your wedding photos. As your wedding photographer, I guide you to the beautiful natural images.

  • How do you help us to the best pictures?

    As a professional wedding photographer, I have a lot of experience in helping you get the best photos. Everything should look natural, and I have a number of "tricks" that help you relax in front of the camera, and just enjoy each other.

  • How do we book you?

    Write an email, fill out the contact form or call me. I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee, or on skype if Copenhagen is too far away. Wedding photography is a personal story, and therefore you should feel safe knowing that I am telling you. If you choose to book me, I will make a contract which describes what we have agreed. Once it has been digitally signed and the 1st installment paid, the day is booked for you.

  • Can we prepare?

    Few bridal couples are used to standing in front of a camera. In order to prepare you, you will receive a wedding photography guide one month before your wedding day. As a summary of the Wedding Photography Guide, we will, one week before your wedding day, talk about the day's schedule and course. That way you can relax, knowing that I handle everything behind the scenes.

  • Can you travel to our wedding?

    Yes I sure can - lets have a chat about your unique wedding destination.

  • How long does it take before we get our photos & wedding movies?

    I love delivering your wedding photos and wedding movies as soon as possible. You will receive your photos after a maximum of 4 weeks. The wedding film often requires a little extra time, and you can expect to receive it after no later than 8 weeks. Most often, I deliver both faster than listed here.

  • Do you offer professional albums and prints?

    Yes. I believe that wedding photos are a story that is best told in print. I have been approved as a reseller by QTalbums. Beautiful handmade albums and prints on thick luxurious and matte paper. Choose between linen or silk covers. Contact me to hear more, or see the prices here .

  • We want the speakers filmed, can you?

    Yes. I would love to film your speeches during the evening. The speakers for a wedding are so personal and fleeting. I will be happy to secure your feelings on film. Let's talk together about exactly your wishes for wedding photography and wedding movies. Contact me at mail@lenewestergaard.dk or the contact form .

  • How do we find some good locations?

    I strongly believe that the locations we choose are personal and fit you and your vision for the wedding day. Everything is a story waiting to be forgotten. The surroundings must match the wedding dress, match your personality, the light must be perfect. As part of my preparation for your wedding photography, I spend a lot of time finding the locations that suit you.

  • We do not want lined up wedding photos.

    Perfect! I want to help you with natural and non-posed pictures. I have experience with both photogenic and those who themselves think they are "non-photogenic". My experience is that everyone is photogenic when they feel safe and in professional hands. My job is to make your wedding photos show the best side of you and your love story.

  • Do you share the photos on web & social media?

    When you are looking for a wedding photographer, you are looking for a photographer who has the style you like. To ensure that future bridal couples can also find me, and my style, it is necessary for me to be able to show my work online.

  • What style are your wedding photos?

    As a wedding photographer, it is my highest wish that you want to revisit your wedding photos in an album or use as art at home. I describe my style as a fusion between fashion and wedding photography. Modern, sophisticated, romantic and artistic.

  • Can we get the RAW files?

    As your professional wedding photographer, I take pride in giving you all the photos I consider to show your story in my editing style. If you still want RAW files (for your own editing in image editing software), this can be purchased for 5000 DKK.

  • How many pictures do we get?

    Your wedding photos become a story in with a focus on love, beauty and closeness. When I photograph a wedding, it's about the story. The more details, emotions, interactions, activities and more, the more pictures you will receive. A full day wedding will typically provide a minimum of 500 wedding photos.

  • Our wedding is not in Denmark do you do "destination weddings"?

    Yes. I am open to bookings worldwide. Write an email , fill out the contact form or call me. And let's talk about your wedding wishes.

  • We have many English speaking guests.

    How wonderful that you get a lot of friends and family together to celebrate your wedding day. I'm used to photographing weddings talking English. So I will be happy to help you with your wedding photography.

    Should one of you also be the English speakers, then I can happily say that the wedding photography guide is also available in English.

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